About Us

Denegri & Degeling has been the result of a solid long standing international friendship between Gus and Wim, the grandson and son of Felicitas Denegri and Cornelia Degeling respectively.  The Company was formally established in 1995 in San Diego, California ( USA ). Since, it has grown to include additional office centres in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, and in Lima, Peru.

The name Denegri & Degeling was given to honor Felicitas and Cornelia, who were born worlds apart from each other, at a time where boundaries, languages, and cultures were the natural barriers to build true international partnerships. One grew up surrounded by tulip fields and cauliflowers, the other one by olive trees and vineyards. They, together with their families learned to appreciate the benefits of these natural resources, and worked hard not only to improve the quality of their products, initially only sold in the nearby local market, but later, also to improve and to expand their distribution to other markets, within their countries, and beyond their borders. Years later, Gus and Wim met in Amsterdam while finishing graduate school projects in International Business Relations.

At present Denegri & Degeling is the exclusive Distributor of selected products in the United States of America (USA), and in The Netherlands. We have built successful business partnerships with Manufacturers from Peru, as well as from The Netherlands.